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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My son on the top of Famosa Hill Malacca,.....

My children on way to going up the Menara Taming sari,.....

Both are standing at the bank of Malacca river,.....

Both in front of A Famosa old building...

Baby behind her brother,sweet honey,....

Me and my smart boy,.......

Me and my baby,......


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Study hard for your SPM


Above is the link for all student,so that,you can open and get the question paper for your own revision

 good luck all my students!

Lesson plan for praktikum/Form 4

Theme: Environment 
Topic: Air Pollution
Previous Knowledge: Students have done extensive reading on Preserving Water

Aim of the lesson: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to explain the most effective way to preserve nature and also be able to use concord correctly. 

Objectives of the lesson: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to; 1. Give at least 4 views about the video clip 2. Share at least 3 ideas during the brainstorming session 3. Present at least one effective method to preserve environment 4. Fill in the blanks with correct concord with at least 5 correct answers out of 6 blanks

- Teacher shows 3 pictures and Students asks 5 questions(related to answer the the pictures) to the students
- Students discuss in their group 8. Then, 5 minutes given for the and answer students to conduct the questions discussion among the members in the group to answer the questions
-One of activity in group; Think of the most effective way to preserve the environment and explain why you think this method will be effective.
-After all the groups have presented, teacher asks whether they have acquired the information that they want to know in the ‘W’ column. If there are still some students who have not get the information, firstly, the teacher allows the other students to help these students. If the students could not provide the information, the teacher will ask the students to find the information and this task is given as homework. 
Teacher gives a working Students sheet which consists of a complete the passage where the students task need to fill in with the correct concords, Teacher recaps the lesson by asking Students Consolidation: how we can save water

Various activity in English classes/Form 4

1. Activities  :
Students are greeted and welcomed.
Teacher introduces himself, and his background
Then, the students are given attachment, and they find as many names as they can.
grouped together and they introduce themselves to the class.
Teacher elicits knowledge on what they expect from English class and adds up information. Teacher tells the work to be expected and explains the weekly journals.
Students mention the values learnt and the lesson is concluded

2.  Topic of the p&p ; Introduction to SPM format (Information Transfer)

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:-
1.     answer short questions related to the SPM format.
2.     answer 5 IT questions correctly

Activities  :
Students are shown the SPM format paper 2.
They are briefed on each section.
Then, they are given an example of section B, Information Transfer and they attempt the questions.
The answers are discussed and explained.



Saving Water

General Objective
Students are able to read and understand the reading text.

Specific Objectives
By the end of the lesson, students are able to :

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
a) List the causes and effects of water shortage.

Pre –
Talk about the water shortage

While -
Oral questions before reading.
Read the text silently.
Oral questions based on the text.
Identify difficult words

Post -
Written exercises

Teaching Aids:Reading text (Textbook)
Moral Values:Conservation of water.

Pedagogical Strategy:Thinking skills

Overall students were able to follow the lesson


General ObjectiveStudents are able to read and recite the poem.

Specific ObjectivesBy the end of the lesson, students are able to :

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
a) Able to answer the questions given

Moral ValuesDetermination, discipline and perseverance

1st Mid term Examination Review

Finished already. Owhh My God,I didnt have time to teach my student about all the format in Directed writing. For this examination,they have Informal  letter to friend for their Directed writing, and 5 variety of topic in section B,one of them is about House.

I went to the hall,in order to check how my students write their paper, some of them are blur do not know how to write and what to write in their paper. I helped them in term of the format hence I have not enough time teaching them before in class. So pity,how can they with little vocabulary want to write up to 350 words in an hour!

So,I make my own post-mortem, that is especially for class 4AG which for me missed my lesson so much compared to the other class, I plan my step of teaching and what to cover during my next couple of week in this school.

So,I will touch about these matter in the next p&p session for them,class 4AG ;

 1.  Informal letter

 2.  Formal letter

 3.  Report to the principal - as individual

 4.  Report to the principal - as a representative of school club/society

 5.  A speech

 6.   Types of essay - Each type with several example of topic and exercises

       a.   Descriptive essay

       b.   Narrative essay

       c.   Argumentative essay

       d.   Factual essay

       e.   Open topic essay = I will stress on this kind of essay because majority of students like to choose this topic. So,I need to give format or ideas how to write this essay

Love english Love my students

Friday, May 3, 2013

MID-TERM EXAM MAY 2013 -A speech

- No spot questions - just practise some of SPEECH, ARTICLE, REPORT, LETTER

- You must remember all the formats for DIRECTED WRITING ESSAY


Introduction/ Example ONE ;  A very good morning to our beloved Principal, Tuan Haji Mansor Bin Haji Daud, senior assistants, respectable teachers and all my colleagues. This morning, it is my pleasure to speak on a very important subject entitled, “The Importance of Participating in Sports”.

Conclusion/ Example ; Students must remember to thank the audience at the end of the speech. A simple “Thank you.” will do for the weaker students while better students can try phrases such as “Thank you for your attention.” or “Thank you for your time.“.

Example ; Thank you for your attention. Hope you will get new tips from my speech. So, I better stop here.

Good morning to the Principal, fellow teachers and students of SMK Sarawak. Today I shall be presenting a speech entitled ‘ Indiscipline among students’ as the as the Disciplinary Teacher.

What I am about to address today is surely no longer new to most of you: the level of disciplinary today in school is getting from bad to worse. It is quite disheartening to see how students who have been sent to school to receive a firm foundation in education end up being involved in crimes and breaking school rules on a regular basic instead.

One of the main unhealthy activities that is growing in popularity amongst students is playing truant. While these students’ patents mistakenly believe that their children are studying hard at school, they are in fact loitering at shopping complexes, video arcades, Internet cafes and other popular teenage haunts. They end up lying to their parents and neglecting their studies.

Some of the boys really lose their way in the process and end up being involved in gang fights and other life- threatening activities. Some students also pick up bad habits which maybe lifelong such as smoking and drinking. This would surely have an adverse effect on their lives.

Sadly, some students have also resorted to violent crimes such as robbery, kidnapping to make quick money. The repercussions of getting caught for such activities are so great that they can leave a lifelong scar on a person.

There may be many reasons to explain why students resort to all these activities. Perhaps they have been neglected by their parents. Perhaps it is peer influence or even temptation. But whatever the reason may be, it cannot justify why you, as a student, should opt to choose such activities to release your frustration.

I would like to end off by saying that you have been blessed with chance to have a brighter future. Please do not throw it all away by involving yourself in all these activities. If you need to speak to someone about any problems you may be facing, remember that you can approach any teacher or speak with a students counselor. This is a more positive and effective means of solving you problems.

Thank you for listening.

PROVERBS for your ESSAY writing

Between the devil and the deep sea
To choose between two equally bad alternatives in a serious dilemma.
Where there's a will there's a way
When a person really wants to do something, he will find a way of doing it.
A burnt child dreads fire
A bad experience or a horrifying incident may scar one's attitude or thinking for a lifetime.
First come, first served
The first in line will be attended to first.
A friend in need is a friend indeed
A friend who helps when one is in trouble is a real friend.
Discretion is the better part of valor

If you say discretion is the better part of valor, you mean that avoiding a dangerous or unpleasant situation is sometimes the most sensible thing to do.
A hungry man is an angry man
A person who does not get what he wants or needs is a frustrated person and will be easily provoked to rage.
Empty vessels make the most noise
Those people who have a little knowledge usually talk the most and make the greatest fuss.
A man is as old as he feels
A person's age is immaterial - it is only when he thinks and feels that he is ageing that he actually becomes old.
Great talkers are little doers
Those people who talk a lot and are always teaching others usually do not do much work.
An idle brain is the devil's workshop
One who has nothing to do will be tempted to do many mischievous acts.
An ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit
It is better to be careful and discrete than to be clever.
Faint heart never won fair lady
To succeed in life one must have the courage to pursue what he wants.
A penny saved is a penny gained
By being thrifty one will be able to save up.
A rolling stone gathers no moss

A person who never settles in one place or who often changes his job will not succeed in life ; one who is always changing his mind will never get anything done.
As you sow, so you shall reap
One will either enjoy or suffer the consequences of his earlier actions or inactions.


Why We Read Newspapers


Newspapers are part of our daily life. We read them to get the latest news of events happening in our own country as well as abroad.Life without newspaper is difficult to imagine. It is the first thing that we look for every morning. It brings us news and views from all corners of the world. Any event or occurrence of importance that takes place is reported by the newspapers.

People in all walks of life read newspapers. Of course, not everyone goes for the same pages and hardly anyone reads every single page. Politicians, for example, would be very concerned about national and world issues. Businessmen, on the other hand, would watch out for the share market situation more diligently than any others.

Then, there are many who pick up the newspapers for articles that would particularly interest them. I am sure children too scramble for the newspapers even if it is only to read the cartoons or to find out the current day's TV programmes. Sports enthusiasts, however, would turn to the last few pages for news that interests them.

Newspapers provide a wide range of information including advertisements on new products, sales, job vacancies, restaurants, tours, cinema shows, courses of study available and a host of many others.

The newspapers carry information for everyone-businessman, politician, unemployed people, players and kids etc. It widens knowledge, keeps one abreast of all advances made in the fields of science, education, medicine and technology.

Unfortunately most newspapers have vested interests. They are owned by capitalist and have to toe their line. Some newspapers are organs of political party. Their loyalty to the party is greater than sense of fair play.

No matter who we are, we must admit that newspapers play an integral part in our daily life.


Sequence Connector

Firstly, secondly, thirdly, Finally/ Lastly
First, second, third, At last/ At the end,
Next, last,Then, Thus, Moreover, Furthermore,
In additionFurthermoreAlso, Likewise, Similarly

At present / presently

HoweverOn the other handOn the contraryBy (in) comparisonIn contrast

As a resultAs a consequenceThereforeConsequentlyHence

For exampleFor instanceThat is (ie)Such asIncludingNamely, Particularly,Specifically, To illustrate, 

UndoubtedlyIndeedObviouslyGenerallyAdmittedlyIn fact, In particularEspeciallyClearlyImportantly




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