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Friday, May 3, 2013


Why We Read Newspapers


Newspapers are part of our daily life. We read them to get the latest news of events happening in our own country as well as abroad.Life without newspaper is difficult to imagine. It is the first thing that we look for every morning. It brings us news and views from all corners of the world. Any event or occurrence of importance that takes place is reported by the newspapers.

People in all walks of life read newspapers. Of course, not everyone goes for the same pages and hardly anyone reads every single page. Politicians, for example, would be very concerned about national and world issues. Businessmen, on the other hand, would watch out for the share market situation more diligently than any others.

Then, there are many who pick up the newspapers for articles that would particularly interest them. I am sure children too scramble for the newspapers even if it is only to read the cartoons or to find out the current day's TV programmes. Sports enthusiasts, however, would turn to the last few pages for news that interests them.

Newspapers provide a wide range of information including advertisements on new products, sales, job vacancies, restaurants, tours, cinema shows, courses of study available and a host of many others.

The newspapers carry information for everyone-businessman, politician, unemployed people, players and kids etc. It widens knowledge, keeps one abreast of all advances made in the fields of science, education, medicine and technology.

Unfortunately most newspapers have vested interests. They are owned by capitalist and have to toe their line. Some newspapers are organs of political party. Their loyalty to the party is greater than sense of fair play.

No matter who we are, we must admit that newspapers play an integral part in our daily life.

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