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Friday, May 3, 2013

MID-TERM EXAM MAY 2013 -A speech

- No spot questions - just practise some of SPEECH, ARTICLE, REPORT, LETTER

- You must remember all the formats for DIRECTED WRITING ESSAY


Introduction/ Example ONE ;  A very good morning to our beloved Principal, Tuan Haji Mansor Bin Haji Daud, senior assistants, respectable teachers and all my colleagues. This morning, it is my pleasure to speak on a very important subject entitled, “The Importance of Participating in Sports”.

Conclusion/ Example ; Students must remember to thank the audience at the end of the speech. A simple “Thank you.” will do for the weaker students while better students can try phrases such as “Thank you for your attention.” or “Thank you for your time.“.

Example ; Thank you for your attention. Hope you will get new tips from my speech. So, I better stop here.

Good morning to the Principal, fellow teachers and students of SMK Sarawak. Today I shall be presenting a speech entitled ‘ Indiscipline among students’ as the as the Disciplinary Teacher.

What I am about to address today is surely no longer new to most of you: the level of disciplinary today in school is getting from bad to worse. It is quite disheartening to see how students who have been sent to school to receive a firm foundation in education end up being involved in crimes and breaking school rules on a regular basic instead.

One of the main unhealthy activities that is growing in popularity amongst students is playing truant. While these students’ patents mistakenly believe that their children are studying hard at school, they are in fact loitering at shopping complexes, video arcades, Internet cafes and other popular teenage haunts. They end up lying to their parents and neglecting their studies.

Some of the boys really lose their way in the process and end up being involved in gang fights and other life- threatening activities. Some students also pick up bad habits which maybe lifelong such as smoking and drinking. This would surely have an adverse effect on their lives.

Sadly, some students have also resorted to violent crimes such as robbery, kidnapping to make quick money. The repercussions of getting caught for such activities are so great that they can leave a lifelong scar on a person.

There may be many reasons to explain why students resort to all these activities. Perhaps they have been neglected by their parents. Perhaps it is peer influence or even temptation. But whatever the reason may be, it cannot justify why you, as a student, should opt to choose such activities to release your frustration.

I would like to end off by saying that you have been blessed with chance to have a brighter future. Please do not throw it all away by involving yourself in all these activities. If you need to speak to someone about any problems you may be facing, remember that you can approach any teacher or speak with a students counselor. This is a more positive and effective means of solving you problems.

Thank you for listening.

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