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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I will give my everything to you

                Its raining all day, cold smoke-filled air around him makes him shivering in his high-class jacket. His eyes wandering all around waiting for his friends arrival. 'Yeah, Gary, what are you doing in such kind of wobble'. Jae suk Oppa, the leader of my adventure team poke me with a beaming smile. Gary, a coy and sheepish singer from Jamsil, pokes his Oppa by saying, ' waiting for the girl Oppa, yesterday she told me if she could come here to join us', Gary confidently utter the words.

Far away in the distance, Jong Kook Oppa running towards them with all his muscle body like an athlete. ' Yeah Jong kooka, why you are like someone who just finish his boxing tournament, then harshly coming here!',  Jae suk teased his partner with a laughter. Gary just looking at both of his Oppa without any word, his mind now flying away searching for his girl. The girl who touching and luring his heart since two years ago, who still playing hide and seek in his love.

'Gary yeah!', Jong Kook Oppa pats my shoulder while his fist on my stomach. I cried out in pain, bawling my head to find a bit of strength. Jae Suk Oppa come into the middle of the havoc situation, as usual, as a peacemaker. ' You know today he will cry huh!', Jae Suk pulled Jong Kook's muscled hand from bullying an innocent Gary.

The atmosphere becomes tense and taut, as Jae Suk and Jong Kook Oppa whispering about something!. Gary looking  deeply into their both eyes, seeks for the truth. Jae Suk Oppa then gently steps towards his younger brother in the team, holding his hand tightly. '  What is this Hyung?', Gary bottle up and staring at Jong Kook Oppa who still in his place. 'Yeah Jong Kooka, help me solve this out!', Jae suk turns toward Jong Kook who already speechless.

'Yeah!', Gary seems to be fooled by his two hyung.

Jae Suk grabs Gary's hand awry, hug him with a word, 'forget her huh!'.

 'You've got to be kidding hyung, what the matter?', Gary can smell something pitiful is there between both of his hyung.

.................................To be continued ;)................................

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