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Monday, June 10, 2013


- you only write this kind of essay using past tense; therefore no confusion on tenses
    - it lets you to imagine a situation; allowing you to express creative ideas with bombastic words
      - if you are lucky enough, the question given is plot-free (its up to you who create the plot fitting to the question given)
        - you can use wide range of vocabulary
          - easier compared to an open essay, a factual essay and an argumentative essay
            - need not to remember current issues around you

            Example of a narrative essay:

            The story beginning with "I could not sleep throughout that night..."


            I could not sleep throughout that night. Not even a minute. It was just because I might miss the ships or boat that passed by the island. I was shivering in cold even it was just a gentle breeze. I thought to myself that things would have been different if I did not take part in that vacation. Never in my wildest dream that a spectacular vacation on a cruise ship at the beginning turned out to be a nightmarish affair.


            The day before was a joyous one. I embarked on a three-day vacation trip on a cruise ship. The vacation was amazing. The scenic view was splendid across the horizon of the sea as far as the eyes could see. The sea water was crystal clear and the sky was amagnificent azure. My blissful day did not stop there. The dusk thrilled me as I sat on a chair. The sky gave its golden appeal and the Sun looked like it was sinking into the sea as night began to unfold. Then, the golden yellow background of the sky changed to twinkling stars. I was staggered to see the view of the opulent God's magnum opus.

            As the night grew older, something totally different started to appear up to the sky. The sky was too dark. It darken so much as the glimmering stars started to disappear. To my instinct, something bad would happen any time soon, but I just could not figure it out. I went into my room and soon dived into a deep slumber.

            Raising action


            "This is your captain speaking. Abandon the ship! This ship is about to sink!"

            The loud ringing sound really woke me up from my comfort bed and I was taken aback to hear the announcement. To my horror, the ship was in topsy-turvyHigh jinks enshrouded the air. Then I realised, there was a storm happening outside. To myflummox, I dragged myself outside and saw people running higgledy-piggledy as they did not know what to do. As for me, the only thing I could remember is that a huge wave came crushing upon the ship and then everything seemed to darken. 


            Streaks steaks of light awaken me found out that I was on a beach. At last I thought that my misery had ended. But a little exploration did not bring much hope. There was no one there. So, being an optimistic person, I built up a settlement near the beach. I laid upon my leaves bedding. I wondered. Could I survive? Did my family know that I loved them? For how long did I have to wait?

            Out of the blue, an abrupt siren was heard from afar.Swiftly, I arose from my leaves bedding and ran nearer to the beach. I shouted for my life while waving my hands up on the air.

            "Help! I'm here! On the island! Help! Help! I'm here!"

            Falling action

            Then, the siren became louder and louder. At the moment, I knew they had noticed me. Unexpected, tears of joy started to drop from my eyes. Before I even thought my life was over, now the door back to my life was widely opened. By the moment I stepped into the rescue boat, I know that it was the time for me to go home.



            1. Teacher,
              I copied this essay. Thanks a lot!

            2. I'm copying this essay , madam . Thank you!

            3. dear teacher.............. i really need you help whether i'm out of the story or not.I'm a SPM candidates this year and i'm answering ques number 4 which is about the fisherman......actually i have memorize your essay about the vacation on a cruise ship and at the last third paragraph then i put the fisherman who have save the man....the problem is am i out of the topic or it just oke to get a higher marks? plizz help me sir...


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