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Monday, June 10, 2013



Example of story ; 

QUESTION: Write a story with the ending, "If only I had been more careful, that wouldn't have happened". Your story should not be less than 350 words.

Tonight was a cold and stormy night. The doors slammed shut as the rustling sound of the leaves could be heared. The storm had been like this for the past three days. I sat on my bed thinking if I had upset the Gods above in heaven. As I lay my head down soft and gently on my comfy pillow, I wondered if mom and dad were ok. They had gone for a vacation to the bahamas and I had to stay back because of my exams. I wasn't worried about it as I've stayed alone many times.

Suddenly, the lights went out. My heart raced in agony as the storm got worse. I could see lightning lashing onto my gate and the roaring sound of thunder that came along. I pulled myself together and realised I needed to light some candles. So I headed downstairs with my trusty torchlight and worked my way to the storage room. I found the candles and begun to light them all over the house. I couldn't stand the fact that the darkness was playing games with my mind.

An hour had passed till I realised something wasn't right. I felt as if something else besides me was in the house. I panicked. My mind filled with fear but I had to be sure I was right. So, I searched all the rooms on the same floor and found nothing. So I carefully walked down staircase. As I was walking, I realised all the candles that I had lit were put out. I was surprised but aware that there could be someone else in the house. My mind pondered as to how i was going to sneak around without alerting the possibly dangerous stranger.

Then, it happened. As I hid behind one of the room's doors. I saw someone walk by me. He was a huge muscular guy who wore a beard and had hair that was so curly a fly could get stuck if it went through it. I was puzzled. Why would someone want to break into my house, I asked myself. I noticed the man had a huge revolver on his belt. The same one the cops used. I didn't want to stick around and aak questions. I had to call the cops. So I crept towards the phone and thank God it was still working. I made a distressed call and the cops said they would be at my house in five minutes.

As I crept back upstairs, I accidently knocked over a small lamp and it broke. By this time I knew the stranger had been alerted. I was scared and feared for my life. My fears turned into my worst nightmare as I heard a loud noise. I was shot in the chest. I could feel blood oozing all over my shirt. The stranger walked towards me while mumbling words I just couln't understand. I thought I was a dead man. Then a miracle happened just as the stranger was about to finish me off. I heard a second gunshot and the stranger was down. It was the cops who had arrived.

I was rushed to the hospital and the doctors commenced emergency surgery on me to remove the bullet. I was then transferred to the Intensive Care Unit(ICU) as the bullet had hit my lungs and I was unable to breathe properly. My parents rushed back as soon as they got the news. I was lucky to be alive. The doctor had explained that if the bullet had hit me a bit more to the left , it would have hit my heart and I would be dead. Nobody knew who the stranger was or what he wanted. If only I had been more careful, that wouldn't have happened.

Essay 2 ;

I could see by her face that she was really angry. I was almost convinced that I saw steam emitting from her nostril as she tried to go out from recently crashed space ship that was piloted by me from the International Departure Station (IDS) in south Russia.

Slowly, I approached her and apologized. "I'm sorry Lena, I know I should not force the ship to enter the 'worm hole' during low ship energy", I pleaded softly. Actually this was my first experience working as a captain for the Earth Defense Association(EDA) in a very important mission which was to ensure Metaoreon that was Earth traditional enemy cannot use its sub-bases to launch any attack on our controlled areas including Earth and 1.3 Light Years Cube in the center of the Milky Way.

Based on information that our association recently receivd, the sub-bases would be completed in 48 hours from the start of this mission and if it was completed maybe nobody could reach the area because from the information the defense would came out with a fourth generation technology.

Our group consists of 10 elite army soldiers who were commanded by me and my assistant Commander II Captain Lena Kagari. But during the transmission we had some technical problems. We failed reach to the targeted destination and the space ship seemed unable to activate.

"Captain, what should we do? The space ship's control system is definitely damaged". Suddenly the ship technician shocked me from the back. I stunted a while. Again I stared at my assistant hoping for suggestion but there was no reaction from her as I had expected.

"I want you to request help from our nearest ally, Corrono Alliance. Tell them our location and tell to send support as soon as possible." I pleaded after a few minutes thinking. After that, the technician left to announce the decision to other units. But at that time Lena looked at me angrily.

"I don't know why you were selected to handle this important mission since you don't have any experience in real space battle." She said.

"Now look we are in trouble, our distance from the enemy is not secure and the probability they can detect our presence is high. It is not impossible the enemy will attack us first when the ship is not in ready for battle." But before I had the opportunity to explain, the red light and alarm turned on to indicate dangerous objects approaching this space ship. Lena and I quickly entered the Captain's room to prepare for any attacks that might occur. I could see via main screen that there were five black ships moving toward us.

"All units... prepare to attack and Lena please identify the ship whether they are enemy or not." I quickly gave the command. Even though I has passed virtual battle many times but real situation was absolutely different. I didn't have enough time to have deep thought before making a decision.

"Can't activate to battle mode, captain. Some parts of this ship are still malfunctioning." A second after one of my units said these words suddenly our ship shook. The black ships definitely were our enemy. They had started firing without waiting for any discussion from us. From that behavior, I could confirmed that the black ship were Metaoreon 's armies. In this situation, we could do nothing except defend our ship as long as possible. So, I have commanded my units to install our best protection layer around the space ship.

At this time I just hoped a miracle could occur. I tried to hack onto the black ship's system. By applying my knowledge in 'reverse engineering'. I analyzed the signal emitted from the black ships then did reversal techniques to decrypt the signal to form readable data. I looked into the deciphered data and found the 32-bits round key. I entered the key to my special programme to listen to the Control Channel on the black ships. Thanks to God. About 5 minutes later, the programme recovered the password of the black ship's main control system.

After getting the system password, I quickly sent fake instruction to the hacked system caused them to fight each other. At the same time our ally Corrono Alliance arrived and help to destroy the black ships. They also lent a hand to repair the damage on our ship.

"Amazing! I've never before seen someone who is able to control the enemy's system in a short period and to get our ally's help easily like you did". Lena said, after we expressed our thank to Corrono Alliance units.

I Stared into her eyes and replied."It was a great miracle but I think you should accept our General Commander's decision. He would not have chosen me without looking at my qualification".

After I said that, for the first time she flashed me her million-dollar smile. After that, we took 4 days to complete the mission. The Association hoped I would be successful in the mission even though I did not have any experience in battle. And it's now safe for me to say that their hope is well founded

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