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Monday, June 10, 2013


Kim was nervous when the door opened abruptly. She glared absent-mindedly at the door. The sheets of rain covered the outside view. Although it rained heavily , there was no strong wind but the lightning streak persistently and the thunder rumbled throughout the night. The house was abandoned for ten years already.`` Who would come at the night with this kind of weather’’ thought Kim. For Kim she was finding shelter at the house. Her car broke down and the cell phone was short of credit. Well that is the disadvantage of prepaid and as for help it would not come in blink of an eye.

Her fear trembled   her and she needed to be invisible. There is no certainty of what will enter the door. She crawled slowly to the room nearby and tried to enter but it was locked and she proceeded to another room. Fortunately it was accessible so she entered the room and locked it. Her hand groped around hoping she could find something that may be worthy as a weapon at that time of need. Suddenly a thud thud sound appalled her and she stopped, freezed and her mind was bewildered of what will happen soon.   She must not move or she would be found. So she sat down near the bed side waiting for the sound to subside. Her heart began to pound harder and harder.   

As the sound stopped and silence engulfed the night, she continued her search for uncertain object. Without any anticipation her hand was holding a picture frame. She held it nearer to her face and with   the light   from the cell phone revealed the face of a person. She looked at it and to her surprise the face was very familiar to her. Like an arrow released from its bow, the buried and forgotten memories pierced her heart with an unknown intensity. The mole on the nose told her she was not wrong. It was her friend, Kamarul who tragically died in what most people said a   foul play. She dropped herself on the bed and paralysed for a while.The picture frame fell on the bed. “This couldn't be it” she muttered to herself. 


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