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Saturday, July 27, 2013


After the Prophet died, Fatimah approached Abu Bakr.

Abu Bakr: Fatimah, what else do not I do as the Prophet do?
Fatima: No more except one.
Abu Bakr: (shocked) What is so Fatima?
Fatimah: The Prophet always feed bread to a Jew blind every time he pass that way (he called the place).

Abu Bakr continued to return to his house, took bread the best and continue to the place Jew. When you see him, Abu Bakr heard the Jew is backbiting and insulting Prophet: even so, Abu Bakr would still be feeding bread to Jewish blind.

Jews: You feed me with the rough bread not like someone who always came to me before, with polite and well, who are you?

Abu Bakr: I was his friend, do not you know?, Normal person feeding bread to you is Mohammed Mohammed whom you backbiting and insulting it. He's gone.

Cried the blind Jews continue to swoon. When she woke apologize to Abu Bakr and continue said testimony.

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