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Friday, October 18, 2013


What is sincerity?. It is something abstract which could not described by words,. only can be understand by heart and its connection with the only ONE GOD,...

So, in your life, try and learn to do something good everyday with NIAT/INTENTION ONLY FOR THE ONE GOD,.ALLAH TAALA. And, you will notice that it will be rewarded,.not immediately after your good deed, may be tomorrow,may be the next month, the next year,.. OR, IT HAPPENED WITHOUT YOUR REALIZATION.

What is the easiest thing to do in building your sincerity,.. that mean you doing good deeds without announcement of public, quietly, even nobody knows what you have done,...??

The answer is FIRST; SODAQOH.
You donate something useful, benefits to other people especially the need, poor, and orphans. The thing is NOT JUST MONEY. You can donate or gives SODAQOH of any things like clothes, food, pencils, fruits, meat, or even knowledge, smile, your words ( advices), etc.

Let say; You gives or donates MONEY, not necessarily big note like hundred or thousand, ALLAH does not looking at the VALUE BUT THE INTENTION IN YOUR HEART,...
So, even you give only 10 sen or USD 1, or KRW1,000....when you enter the mosque for example, it is enough. THE IMPORTANT IS YOUR SINCERE IN HEART ONLY FOR ALLAH TAALA,.....
There will be an angel beside you and he prays to ONLY ONE GOD for you by saying ' OO THE ONLY ONE GOD, THIS MAN HAS GIVES SODAQOH SINCERELY 1 DOLLAR, PLEASE GIVES HIM YOUR BLESSING OOO THE ONLY ONE GOD!'. And, THE ONLY ONE GOD WILL REPAY 100 FOR HIS 1 DOLLAR,.. All happen because of your sincerity in heart!!!
This shows the very charitable and kindness of THE ONLY ONE GOD, ALLAH TAALA towards HIS servants on earth.

The SECOND thing you can do is; DU'A ( prayer).
You do perform SOLAH/PRAYER five times daily,. then, after that, you raise your hand and ask and telling with hope and tears , pray to THE ONLY ONE GOD, not only for yourself, but, be the priority DU'A or pray for your parents, your siblings, your neighbours, your, friends, your teachers, your ppupils, or even your enemy. tHIS KIND OF GOOD DEEDS NOBODY KNOWS, THIS WILL BE YOUR BONUS IN FRONT OF THE ONLY ONE GOD, SINCERITY AND THE KINDNESS AND BLESSING OF HIM, ALLAH TAALA.


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