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Wednesday, October 23, 2013



Recycling is an important way we can save energy and conserve natural resources. Many communities require residents to recycle and provide special color-coded receptacles for sorting and collecting the items to be recycled. Become familiar with your community’s procedures for recycling. Newspapers, aluminium cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, boxes colour-coded to match marked (glass, paper, plastic) receptacles for recycling.

Recycling includes collecting, sorting and processing certain solid waste into raw materials for re-manufacture into new items.

Recycling saves natural resources. It also saves energy and reduces human impacts on the climate. Paper and aluminum are recycled with great success. Successful recycling, reducing and reusing means less depletion of dwindling natural resources. International values related to recycling, reusing and reducing may vary.

Activity For Students;
1.    to observe whether their neighbours recycle their waste.
2.   to observe whether the school or their workplace recycles waste material.

There are many creative ways to reuse items which might normally find their way into the waste stream: old shoe boxes can be used for storage, plastic containers for planters, etc. Students can also donate or give away items rather than throwing these items into the waste stream. For a large number of unwanted items, students can hold a garage sale. They can also be encouraged to shop at garage sales before buying new!

Activity in class; 
Review how reuse of items reduces the waste stream, contributes to source reduction, and conserves resources.

Ask students to reuse an item in a creative way. Like changing a tyre into a plant pot

Practise makes perfect!!

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