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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Day by day throughout the years, Gary Leessang and his only couple ever,Song Ji Hyo becomes more closer, more happier, with real visible love, care, concern, loyal, blossom smile between each other, make them the romantic couple in the history of RUNNING MAN variety show.

This is Song Ji Hyo, the prettiest girl, very kind, friendly,... she is the prettiest and sexy in the eyes of Gary, She is now reveals her love towards Gary Leessang, like in the latest episode, she shouted " I want Kang Gary!!" when Gary win the UFC game.

Gary seems more happier and stronger with the present of Ji Hyo in his life, especially what we obviously can see during RM filming,.. I be strong because of Ji Hyo,...


After her broke up with CEO ,.. there is no other man in her eyes and heart except Her Kang Gary,..


The latest episode 168, Gary said there is nothing to hide from Ji Hyo, we can see that they are as other real couple do,.. Sharing everything, and everything!!

Try watch them here; http://runmanclub.net/

The question here; When both of them will get married??. Fans around the world cant wait for their marriage, but when???.

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