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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'M COMING BACK ....... 2015

Owhh... it was a long time, almost a year i left this page dusty within my intention to fade it away. But, support from all visitors that increasingly coming along this time makes me thinking bout my intention over and over. And, luckily, many students who have sat or will sit in SPM examination are continuously visit my page and learning English, learning how to write, or even copy my essay onto their books. All these kind of supports seem calling me to come back here, just for the sake of students and visitors.

I am so sorry, I walk away from this garden due to my disappointing upon all my pictures and images which were lost in nowhere, and my garden looks so ugly and gloomy without all that colorful pictures.

But then I do realize that, images not the priority in my garden, without them my garden still being visited by all of you, the most significant is the knowledge, the information that we are sharing together here, So I make up my mind, I already come back, and my fingers will remain dancing here, in this garden, for you!!!

thanks my visitors, I do hope all of you are happy and having a prosperous life,


2013 PHOTO.... ;)

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