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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


              It just happened yesterday. Something that I will never forget. It will still fresh in my mind as well as sweetly written in my diary. A moment I spent with him, everything that happened just in a day, yesterday. And, the best way I can sharing all my yesterday with all of you is by writing them here. Who knows some day you will share your unforgettable moments of yesterday with me too.

              It began when I decided to pay him a visit after my absence for a year. Talking about my absence, it is something I regret until now. How can I felt exasperation with him just because he does not listen to my plea. At that time, I just wanted to finish my study first, then I will get married to a man he chose. With my immature and childish mind, I took a fly to Australia and stayed there with my cousin for a year. What to do? A week ago, I dreamed of him!

               On that day, I stood like a statue in front of the kitchen door of the old wooden house at the bank of a river. Nobody realized my presence as I parked my car at the edge of the narrow alley to the house. 'Ohh... Ani. Is this Ani?' Someone approached me in sudden from my back. I turned around. An old lady with 'kain batik' and 'baju kurung Kedah' holding a basket of green vegetables in her hand smiled at me. Without waiting for any other word, I embraced her with a cry. She also hugging me tight. We were crying together, it just happened yesterday.

                'Thank you for visiting me Ani, I miss you so much!' The old man that I have missed for a year lying on bed in front of me. I just cried in his chest but still it could not fade away my longing upon him. 'I am sorry dad, I am so regret for what I had done!' My tears seemed do not want to stop from falling down my cheek, and my eyes already swollen, I really looked ugly at that moment. 'It's okay dear, your return become a remedy for my sickness, I feel more healthier now!' I tried to smile in the midst of my tears hearing to his voice. That was happened yesterday, and it was very sweet to remember.

                 Suddenly, I became a very busy person in the world. I made him his favorite dish 'sayur lodeh' and 'lontong'. I fed him a spoonful of 'lontong' while listening to his story. I missed his story. I missed his smile and laughter. Next, when he requested to perform his Asar prayer, I accompanied him to take an ablution in the bathroom. He looked so energetic with his wide smile clearly shown in his wrinkle face. After finishing his prayer, he asked me to take him for a walk outside, and we spent the whole evening together. We sat on a bench at the bank of the river behind his house. I soon lying my head onto his chest as I missed him so much. He again chanted about my late mother who had done the best for him as his wife. I kept my ears open to all his memories with a feeling of sad and grief. Sometimes I kissed him on his cheek and whispered in his ears, 'Ani sangat sayang ayah, Ani rindukan ayah!'.

                 After sipping a glass of milk with a medicine that night, my special man was ready to sleep. I said to my aunt that I will sleep beside my dad. 'Until no time to chat with me, Ani?' My aunt left a piece of complaint as she entered her own bedroom. 'sorry aunt!'. I also realized that. It seemed like no space for me to have a chat with my aunt, I definitely spent my hours only with my dad, yesterday. My special man already in a dream that quiet night as I entered the room. I took my novel and sat beside him reading the last chapter of the novel with my head upon his shoulder. Eventually the night just gone like that, and yesterday is no more.

                 'Don't cry, please!' Ameer, the guy of my father's choice stand besides me. I turn to him and smile with tears on my eyes like stars in the sky. 'No, I just remembered all my day with him on yesterday. It is so sweet Ameer!'. Ameer pat my shoulder soft and gentle. 'Dont worry, I will take care of you with love as he wishes!'. 'Thank you Ameer!' I catch a glimpse towards my father's grave before walking home with Ameer and my aunt.

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