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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When your old car is broken

Im not a rich person. To have Wira Proton as my car is a grateful thing in life. The car is my second home after the small house of mine somewhere in Malaysia.

I can build a kind of closet in the bonnet with clothes, shoes, blanket n all things inside. So when we stop at the mosque in the city n my girl want to take a shower she just pick out soap shampoo towel and clothes from the bonnet to the bathroom.

My car also become a bed for us. My children like to sleep in the car as they are at home in their bed. When I bring my son to the hospital at the middle of the night .. His younger sister will take a deep sleep in the car in the parking lot in front of the emergency loading bay.

My car is our bookshelf. There are many books in the car. My girl likes reading novel and there are many novels and magazines in the car. I drive and she's reading besides me while listening to the fly fm radio. That is her hobby. While I am in my aerobic class, she just lay in the car reading her novel.

It is very real house for us. I love my car even it is just Wira Sedan the old car...not BMW or Mercedes.

Now...my car is broken. she is alone in the workshop for couples of days. And.. I'm losing my leg. I dnt know what to do in the house without my car.

It is very difficult to borrow others car. Even they have 10 cars in the garage but to borrow it no....only in a dream. I call my friends here and there to borrow their car. They give so many reason which I could not say it is true or not but... I can't borrow it.

And..only this man with his wife. A lovely kind hearted couple who can borrow their Honda CRV to me. Every time my car in the workshop they will borrow their car. Only ALLAH can pay them with the best rewards for what they done..for their kindness to me here. Crying with thanks to them......

Yasmin is writing ,....,...,...............,..........................

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