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Sunday, August 21, 2016

My hero my son

A great man grown up
With a kind-hearted
Manner, love, respect and honour

But...somehow and sometimes
Sitting in the midst of confusion
From the guilt of parents, a poor parents who know nothing except selfishness and an anger

With ten fingers in hand
What to say rather a sorry
And a say to cure the sadness

The prophet s.a.w lives without a father too
Since he is in the tummy of his mom
Then he grown up without a love from a mother then
Loves from grandpa also not so long
What a cry...what a broken and down

But...he s.a.w proved that a man can live alone
Loss the love from the loves can be a motivation for him
To stay alive and stand by his own feet
With a feeling of loving others
Love all persons around him

Allahummasolliala saidina Muhammad...

Be strong my son
Allah always with you...
Forever and ever
And..my love for you with dua until jannah

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