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Friday, August 19, 2016



Alhamdulillah i have been written thesis and essays for these 6 years and have met variety of personals

Some of them are very fastidious, garrulous
Ohh...that is not cheering me at all, and sometimes I feels sick of it!

Some of them are very kind, friendly, tolerate and we are sharing give and take.... these personals make me to raise my hands with dua' to Allah.... Let Allah makes   them pass and succeed in their work and in their study


Why typing services is costly? Even it is hard to search for money in this GST period of times, but still some of us need someone or hire someone to help them in their study. Maybe they are stuck at the middle of their writing, they have another problems to settle, no time, very busy at work, no idea what to write or dont know how to write and no time to sit and think about their thesis at all...

So, here I am.
Insyalla, by the helping of Allah, I try to help
And, it is costly when it plays with our time + energy +  BRAIN AND MIND
The owner of the thesis just waiting for the thesis to be finished!!!!

Hope. they professionally understand the toughness of writing and thinking....

Me, Yasmin

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