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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2016..summer in Korea

First ..Alhamdulillah to Allah Taala, by His Will and Power I and my kids with my aunt reach to Seoul again!

We reached there in Incheon Airport at the evening of that late spring season and for sure it was a very pleasant trip for me and family. Even some of our faces not so sweet coz the summer at the eve hiding the spring with its colourful flowers at the back... We just happy and felt so lucky for about two weeks there.

The journey has a pack of tiredness and havoc days. The most challenging was moving from one hotel to another hotel with a heavy bag, not one but more than two bags each!

We have reached to everland park which is about two hours from Seoul using the subway to everland. It is worth for an active person
For 52,000 won to explore all places with all games in there. My son n daughter were getting into the flying train! Fuh....my heart are fallen to the ground mom! Said my daughter with a pale but enjoy face.

Then...we went and visited nami island ..eurwangnyi Beach at the end of South Korea map in incheon.

#the story will be continued...

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