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Thursday, May 11, 2017

English language in real life

English is a very important international language. It becomes a language of communication around the world. As an example, if you go to Japan or South Korea where not all population can speak your language or vice versa for sure! Then, they may communicate with you by using English language. English is a language that is simple to speak and nice to hear. Do not say you don't know English. Even my mom in the village also knows one or two words after looking after her granddaughters whose spoken language is English. The problem is, you just shy and lack of confident! So, swipe them away! Don't bother whether your language is broken or not, just speak what is in your mind. Soon or later, you will be an expert one. Believe me and trust your talent.

The girls are around 19 years old from one high school in Seoul. They call me ' sungsenyim' / 'teacher' . They are very friendly and talkative. They said they just know little about English because most of the subjects in Korean language.

I promise to them I will put their picture in my blog..here. Hope they still remember me and my blog address.

May all of you always be successful dear!!

Deongbokgung Palace

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