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Thursday, May 9, 2013

1st Mid term Examination Review

Finished already. Owhh My God,I didnt have time to teach my student about all the format in Directed writing. For this examination,they have Informal  letter to friend for their Directed writing, and 5 variety of topic in section B,one of them is about House.

I went to the hall,in order to check how my students write their paper, some of them are blur do not know how to write and what to write in their paper. I helped them in term of the format hence I have not enough time teaching them before in class. So pity,how can they with little vocabulary want to write up to 350 words in an hour!

So,I make my own post-mortem, that is especially for class 4AG which for me missed my lesson so much compared to the other class, I plan my step of teaching and what to cover during my next couple of week in this school.

So,I will touch about these matter in the next p&p session for them,class 4AG ;

 1.  Informal letter

 2.  Formal letter

 3.  Report to the principal - as individual

 4.  Report to the principal - as a representative of school club/society

 5.  A speech

 6.   Types of essay - Each type with several example of topic and exercises

       a.   Descriptive essay

       b.   Narrative essay

       c.   Argumentative essay

       d.   Factual essay

       e.   Open topic essay = I will stress on this kind of essay because majority of students like to choose this topic. So,I need to give format or ideas how to write this essay

Love english Love my students

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