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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lesson plan for praktikum/Form 4

Theme: Environment 
Topic: Air Pollution
Previous Knowledge: Students have done extensive reading on Preserving Water

Aim of the lesson: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to explain the most effective way to preserve nature and also be able to use concord correctly. 

Objectives of the lesson: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to; 1. Give at least 4 views about the video clip 2. Share at least 3 ideas during the brainstorming session 3. Present at least one effective method to preserve environment 4. Fill in the blanks with correct concord with at least 5 correct answers out of 6 blanks

- Teacher shows 3 pictures and Students asks 5 questions(related to answer the the pictures) to the students
- Students discuss in their group 8. Then, 5 minutes given for the and answer students to conduct the questions discussion among the members in the group to answer the questions
-One of activity in group; Think of the most effective way to preserve the environment and explain why you think this method will be effective.
-After all the groups have presented, teacher asks whether they have acquired the information that they want to know in the ‘W’ column. If there are still some students who have not get the information, firstly, the teacher allows the other students to help these students. If the students could not provide the information, the teacher will ask the students to find the information and this task is given as homework. 
Teacher gives a working Students sheet which consists of a complete the passage where the students task need to fill in with the correct concords, Teacher recaps the lesson by asking Students Consolidation: how we can save water

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