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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Today, money is valuable for everything and anything. No money no talk, no money no travel, no money no food, no money no wife, no money no study, and many other things we cannot do without money. Money seems like a king in our life today, even to a humble and 'zuhud' person, still they should use money to have food and shelter. In brief, money is everything for everything. 

Money may become a difficult task for some and an easy one for the others. It depends on what we have as a ticket for it. An excellent student may become an officer and will collect a lot of money for themselves, otherwise the SPM leaver just do a usual labor job with a small income and collect money just enough for a month. But, it is unpredictable matter. Sometime the SPM leaver can makes a lot of money as he open a business by the help of his family and so on. Anyway and anyhow, finding a job and getting a lot of money is a necessary for everybody.

After you have a sum of money, you must have a plan for it. What is the priority use of the money - completing your dream - keep a few for your insurance - and if you have an extra, it will become a preparation for your hobby. What is your hobby? Singing, fishing, collecting a video, food, or travel.

If your hobby is travel, so keep aside sum of the money for that, and always check a cheap offer in AIRASIA (www.AirAisa.com) website for a ticket. The best is if you register to be a member of AIRASIA like this -  http://www.airasia.com/my/en/home.page, so you always get the offer from them, in addition to that, you also can collect your BIG POINT which you can change it with a free ticket one day, just be a member of YouGov Survey, you want to see the benefits, you can click mine as an example, https://ap.yougov.com/en/account/register/. It is very easy, you just answer a few question in a simple survey free as I do, collect POINTS to replace it with a free ticket and more benefits. It is easy right? 

I like travel, even I have many debts and have no money, but I keep cents and ringgits for my hobby. Travel is IBADAH. Travel with the intention to view the great and marvelous creation of ALLAH TAALA in another country, ALLAH will help you before the travel, within the travel even after the travel, just believe in ALLAH will and power, The Almighty One God can gives you anything everything just in a second by HIS Will and Power.

...... keep working hard, keep saving even cents, keep praying to the Almighty One God ALLAH TAALA..... Everything will become an orderly arrange.....

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