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Thursday, January 21, 2016


  “Prepare your documents, you need to move, immediately!” said my father. Speechless and I did not know what was going on with my feeling neither eager nor heartbroken but what I need to think is, how to explain this to them. My dad had his own reasons and I need to sacrifice my final year with my crazy friends.

   Next day, to be free and easy, I tried to enjoy with my friends. Nia and Mard were my best friends since form one and we made a lot of memory together. Well, a friend in need is a friend indeed. I told them cheerfully, and they thought it was a joke. That morning, I had met Jane, a monitor of our class and I told her everything. With a sorrowful feeling, I kept asking her again and again how could I dare to tell the about the awful news, As I looked up, I saw a blue sky. I thought it had started to rain, I felt something warm on my check. Only to find out that I had broken into silent sobs.

   Only two days left, I still could not tell them. Yet, they treated me like I was going very far from them. I was puzzled. During our break time, we enjoyed our delicious mouth-watering dishes at the canteen. Then, Nia and Mard asked me a question that I  did not want to answer, I just smiled broadly and I left them with no answer. That night, Mard called me and kept asking me if I could cancel it. I had no choice. She cried bitterly and said “Why must YOU leave me? Can you stay with us until the end?”. All I could hear at the end of the call was her gloomy voice and it was absolutely made me felt guilty.

   The next morning, I felt disheartened to enjoy my last day with them. As we had planned, we went to Mard’s house for a while after school. We spent time together on the swing and had flashback our sweet memories while enjoying our sweet and creamy ice lolly. Suddenly, Nia said “ I never love my friends but I love YOU, and I never feel this doleful when you leave me “. I knew she pointed it to me, All I could answer was “ I am sorry…” with a crushed voice. Without aware, we cried sadly and we lasted our moment with hugged tightly together.

   A red letter day, at my new school I had been unsocial. The school, absolutely different, the way they study, ask and teach was really opposite with mine. I felt lonesome and I had cried sometimes, it was when I remembered my old school. Almost one week, and I felt very empty. I had prayed and cried out to the Almighty God, whether my choice was right or wrong and I got the answer. With a mellow feelings, I tried to believe the answer. Then, my friend, as known as Nuna had called me and said “ Babe! I am coming with you. I will follow you”. I was really delighted! Because I could put my sorrow feeling behind. Later, she was finally here-with me. That day, I could be friendly with my new friends and I did not know how, I felt like I got my character back. But. Nuna said “ this is not my place “. I knew her feeling because I was already tasted it. I kept encouraging her not to be despair. But then, she had a good news but to me? It was absolutely not! She will leave me behind just like I had left my best friends. I wish I could turn the clock and go back on before, but its no use crying over spilt milk.

   Multimedia room. I could not remember why we stayed there so long, but my life started changed slowly went I tried to open my mouth-trying to talk. They seemed so warm with me and one of them had the same interest with me. She hated Kwangsoo. Kwangsoo is one of the Running Man team and I hated him too because he made me felt grouchy on him with his moronic and boorish character. Afterward, we went back to our class and I saw her character oppositely-unsocial. Then, I could not talk with her again. I knew that she was the most clever girl in our class and no doubt, I always kept my eyes on her and she always study. Her table was very far from me and hopefully she would be my best friend soon.

   One day, I found a fan stand in the other class which seemed useless. I asked her if I could take the fan and she agreed. After that, I felt guilty because we took it together but only me used it. Then, without hesitation, I said “ what if YOU changed your place from there to here?” while pointing beside me. She agreed immediately and its looked funny with her excited face. Then, I knew her name, Lyn. But then, Lyn’s friend who stayed beside her before was cried. I felt guilty in her while Lyn did not care about it and I thought maybe Lyn had a problem with her friend. After then, she told me everything and I was on the ball.

      Our friendship became interesting. She made me lots of laugh and I had waited that moment so long. Now, I understood a good beginning makes a good ending. Lyn, she was a little bit insane sometimes but comical is a best description about her. With her clever brain, I always asked her about studies. To me, Lyn is a very kind and angelic. She also fearless on everyone and had amazing determined about something that she wanted.

    After a long time, I felt like I started to love my new school and be friendly with everyone. I hope this feeling can stay longer. At last, I felt really grateful because I had met Lyn in this school and she had changed my life entirely. I hope our friendship would last forever.


Student 2014/2015

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