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Sunday, October 27, 2013


What is parasites among people?. Parasites is a kind of microorganism that bring harm to the house, like a worm in our stomach.

How about parasites among people?. Among human being, among siblings, among friends, among relatives, among neighbours, etc in the society.

Yesterday, I went back to my village for a feast. As usual, there are many relatives and nephews gather in the house, and, for sure, there are many gossips and hot stories came out. One of the story is about my close relative, we can name her as SALMA.

Salma has 8 children. She works with a salary of RM1200 a month. She has a husband. But I really have no idea about her family, because I never seen her since I was teenager. It was a long time!. She is the youngest in her family. Can we imagine how is the youngest girl would behave???.

What is the story?. I make it simple,but it worth!.

She like to take opportunity upon others!!!. She is a parasite.

She likes to get something for free, even she asks her cousin to pay for her son's school fees!.  She likes other' money, that for easy talk. For example; One day, she and her 8 children took a ride of her cousin's car to the village. Then, her cousin stopped at Petrol station to buy a can of drink for her husband. Salma and children also went into the shop and chose drinks and variety of food for themselves. Salma put all the things on the counter and asked her cousin to pay for them. Her cousin have to pay RM60 only for those things which not for her and husband, but for that greedy lady,Salma!. The cousin was very shock!. It became like a scary experience for her to give a ride to Salma after the incident.

It seems like Salma is very poor who does not have money, where is her salary?. She just a greedy person who likes to eat other's, who likes to grab other's, the question is, where is her dignity?. Did she feel shame???

Dont be a parasite, it only makes you loss your dignity

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