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Thursday, March 19, 2015


          I sang while writing my new song on a sheet of paper. I closed my eyes and tried to continue to the next verse. 'Arghhh.... I just cannot continuing with it'. I stood up and looked around my late grandfather's old house. I took a deep breath, repeatedly. I left the bench on which I sat for hours and stepped towards the kitchen. My mom was there, busy in preparing a meal for our dinner. 'Can you forget about your song for a moment please, dear? Just enjoy our gathering in here!' Mother who was cutting the vegetables looked at me with hope. I just grinned without any word.

          I climbed the stairs at the middle of the huge dusty house to see what were my siblings doing upstairs. My big brother who was lying on the bed in the room that I have booked earlier looked at me suspiciously. 'What?' I wondered. 'This room was aunt Leila's 10 years ago, before she died tragically in an accident, do you remember her?' My big brother smile at me with his wide eyes. 'No, I cant remember!' I sat on the bed besides him speechlessly. 'That is because you do not stay here since you went to boarding school right?' My big brother reminded me about my absence which was automatically separated me from my family. I just nodded without any objection.

           'Dont miss our dinner Liya!' My big brother got up from bed while he saw I put my head onto the green pillow. Without answering him I closed my eyes tightly. Why suddenly there was a woman with bleeding face in a red dress in front of me? I tried hard to shout for help, but my voice got stuck in the throat. The scary woman seemed want to tell me something, but I was too frightened to look at her. I decided to run but I have lost my energy and I fell down onto the ground. 'Ouchh.... O My God, I fell down onto the floor from bed! Without thinking I ran out of the room downstairs. My little sister who was watching television in the living room turned to me with a question mark on her face. 'What? I just hungry!' I stepped towards the dining table, in where several delicious food already there.

           'Mom, how did our aunt die?' I asked my mother at the table. My big brother and little sister just enjoyed their dinner without even looking at me. 'why you asking out of blue? Father who sat besides my mother looked at me with a furrowed forehead. 'No, I think I have an unpleasant feeling to sleep in her room!' 'Nothing dear, just don't forget to wash your feet before sleep, okay?' My mother grinned at me and asked me to continue my eating.

            I was ready to sleep that night while I heard a voice whispering from outside, seemed calling my name or something. I forced myself not to open my eyes, but the voice and the crawling sound occupied the room. I opened my eyes slowly as a brave girl of my father and walked towards the window peered through the curtains, and I could see the same woman lying on the ground under the mango tree at the edge of the fence. She was crying badly while her finger pointed out to somewhere in the bushes there before she flew in a blink of an eye. I was shivering and almost fainted onto the floor.

            The next morning, I told my parents everything about the woman in my nightmare. Then, my parents decided to dial Uncle Husin, their friend who works as the policeman at the police station nearby to dig the ground around the bushes pointed. After an hour digging, unexpectedly they found a skull and several pieces of skeletons! Everyone of us was in a thunder of shock. I could not say anything, but felt relieved after all happened. 'Hope you can rest in peace now!' I whispered to myself.

An idea from; Nurul Iman, form 5, Kota Bharu.
                        BEST OF LUCK IMAN......

- A ghost story, Nightmare, grandfather's house, a scary night, My phobia, Lady in red, ........... 


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