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Friday, June 28, 2013

Cristian Ronaldo is a Muslim now?..

Cristian Ronaldo like to donate and helps other, he donate his gold shoes to Palestine, he donates blood,.. He is very aware and cares of others including Muslim world

He, once learn to read AL-FATIHAH from Ozil,his friend. Ozil said ; Cristian Ronaldo always waits for him in prayer room, then likes to hear Ozil recite Quran

Is he really a muslim?... Any answer for it?...Let share together!

May be you will get the answer from Cristian Ronaldo twitter or other link like below;

Mezut Ozil
Cristian Ronaldo close friend,Mezut Ozil

 Mezut is a very faithful Muslim who always prays before every game. In the locker room, all his colleagues have noticed his prayer before every single game. Even Cristiano Ronaldo noticed that Ozil is different from his other colleagues. Indeed, not only by the fact that he prays frequently to thank God and ask God to be on his side before every game, but also by his attitude. Personally, I respect this faithful player.

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