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Monday, July 29, 2013


Laknatullah Satan whispered to the woman that whatever clothing including hijab nothing to do with religion, but it is simply the style of clothing or decoration.

When a woman has to endure her hijab principle, the devil turned to a more subtle strategy.

How should I proceed?

1. Opening the Hand Division

Normally open palms already, then Satan whispered to the woman so that there is little increase in fashion, which opens happy cubit (elbow to the palm of the hand).

"Ah, there's nothing, do you still wear scarves and wear long shirts." So the whispers of Satan.

Finally the woman turned out to show his hand and saw the man as usual.

Then Satan whispered, "Huh, okay, right?"

2. Open neck and chest

After the hand appeared to be the norm, then the devil came to whisper new things again.

"Now open hand has become the norm, then there should be an increase of more advanced fashion again, open the top of the breasts, but do not mention the dress open, just a little to get air so not hot. Try it! People would not care because the only part that is open. "

So she will wear the latest fashion clothing that is open to the neck and chest of a half circle of fashion to fashion a "V".

3. Dressed but Naked

Satan whispered again, "clothes just so-so only, try a better fashion! Many fabrics are quite thin, and made quite strict form let more wonderful and beautiful to look at. "

The women will be lured. "Perhaps there is no problem, right clothing pieces still long, just material and fashion just different, so look more feminine," so the devil rose-ation.

So, they be women mentioned by the Prophet as kasiyat 'ariyat (dressed but naked).

4. Open comparatively little

After the strict Muslim dress, then the devil came again.

"Clothes like this make it difficult walking or sitting, because the narrow, right better cut to the knee or thigh approach? You are more comfortable with it. "

Then try a new idea, and it's true with effect from bahaian cut down to the knees or thighs approach appears to be more comfortable and easy to sit or ride.

5. The Small Lid

Now, the devil walked with intrigue other more "power".

The intention is that the woman showed her body parts. "Oh, there are forgotten! If you wear such a shirt, then a large cap does not match anymore. Now, you're looking for a smaller cap that is compatible and match. People will still call it the lid. "

6. Exposed

The woman appears comfortable with the new fashion that he wore daily. Satan came up with ideas again. "Your hair is very beautiful. Wouldn't it be convenient if your scarf released. You are free to try a different hairstyle. In fact, you can color the color you like to look more attractive. "

So, once again Satan managed to convince the woman to uncover her hair.

7. The entirely open

Satan whispered back, "If you move your feet, still not comfortable, then you try to find a more interesting fashion. Is not now a lot of half-calf skirts sold on the market? Does not need to be too exposed, only about 10 centimeters only. Later, if you are familiar, new look for fashion above the knees "

Satan whispers really has been a personal advisor, then her dress becomes vulnerable.

Sometimes the women think, what is not in contravention of the religion?

But the whispers of Satan responded, "Ah, obviously not in contravention. Right now is more modern times. You just follow the current fashion nowadays. "

"But, if this is not a trial for the men?" The heart of the woman suspiciously.

"Slander? Hey, if the men see a woman's body parts are open, but happy and say ooh or wow, is not this means is there is no dissension, because they all like this? "Satan incited.

That's something like an impossible thing to do.

But the devil never stops whispering evil sedition sedition-up to the moment of death of a son of Adam.

Until the end of the day will appear the idea to swim in the pool or on the beach in the open, where the only two that covered only part of the genitals and breasts!!!

Remember, just a clever devil laknatullah our promises with false promises of a subtle and alluring, promises to thrill the world, but actually false promise and a deadly poison! Nauzubillah ...


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