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Sunday, July 14, 2013

SPM ESSAY ;Begin your essay with 'It was raining all day...


        It was raining all day. But, football is still a football.It is like a compulsory activity for me reardless any weather. I still playing football even I got fever. Sometimes, during holiday,I playing at the field which is about 500 metres away from my home alone. Some of my team mate are going back to their village or for a holiday somewhere. Then, I just going back home and play a soccer game in my playstation -3. Easy to say, I love football, and very excited to play it all the times. Even, I had broke my shoulder because of football. Once, I was playing football in the rain, I was felt and my shoulder also landing on a big stone at the field. That is my everyday life, football, football, and football. 113

         I let the tears of the rain run down my face as I walked home from the field. When I reached the junction of the street to my house, I heard a deeply sound somewhere. I was wondering where is the sound come from. I was curious to know. I searched for the sound carefully. The sound was coming from the medium big size and filthy drain not far from me. I immediately rushed towards the place. I saw a small kitten was trapped in the drain, with its body full of smelly mud. I jumped into the drain, and took the kitten out with pity. I put it in my hand and brought it home. 

         I reached home, my parents' car garage is still empty. Then I know that they still outside. So, I slowly going upstair with the kitten in my hand. I have to hide the kitten in my bedroom. Because, my mother will get mad if she knew I have something dirty in my hand, and my mother does not like a cat. In the room, I took a shower together with the meowing kitten. 

'why are you crying?, you are safe now!', I wiped all his body with a small towel,cover it to warm his body, and put it on my bed.
'you want some milk I guess, wait hah!'. I run down the stair to the kitchen find some milk. I found it on the cabinet, took it, and put in into a small piring.
I was so happy looking t the kitten enjoying the milk in the piring. I was lying down beside him and wiping his furry body gently with my hand.
'Where is your parents?. So pity cute kitten. Now, you can live here with me, a very cute kitten!'. I grab him onto my chest, look deeply into his eyes. Owhhh, I fell in love with him. Now, I have a cute furry with blue eyes kitten instead of ball and games. 

         The next day, I did not go out for football match on the field as usual. Aslam, my friend came to my house when he saw I did not appear at the field.
'So strange if you refuse to play football, what happened to you friend?, are you sick or something?', Aslam in front of the door of my house. I just smile and grab his hand into my bedroom upstair.
'why?', Aslam in bewilderment, but still following my step. 
My mother who is off from work on that day was in the kitchen.

        In the room, I took out a box under my bed and showed it to Aslam. A very cute Doggie is sleeping on the towel. Aslam seemed hard to believe, he grabbed the kitten and put in on my bed.
'this is why you do not want to play today?', Aslam looked at me, in wonder.
'for today, the answer is yes. I still not telling my mom yet, that is!', I also wiping Doggie's body gently as Aslam did.
'So, when you want to tell your mom?. Your mom off today right?, let go now and tell your mom!', Aslam took Doggie and suddenly rushing out of my room. I was shocked.
I have no choice. I have to follow Aslam. When I stepped down the stair, I saw Doggie already in my mother's hand. Aslam was standing beside her innocently.

        I knew my mother does not like cat. So, even I will be sad, I will accept if she asked Aslam to throw Doggie away. My mother looked at me, I just bowed my head in front of her.
'when you found it, Firdaus?', my mother's voice is very calm to be listened. I told her the whole story with a bit of hope.
'you want to keep this kitten?', my mother asked me again.
'yes mom, if you do not mind', I looked at Aslam with smile of hope.
'you can,with a condition, it can not sleep with you in bed, and teach him to do better in the house okay!', my mother smile at me.
'Owhhh God, thank lot mom, love you!', I kissed my mother's cheek and took the kitten back from her hand.

'Thank you Aslam!', Aslam just nodded, and wiped Doggie in my hand gently. Aslam just looked at Doggie's eyes, and smile meaningfully.


adorable tiny kittens.

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