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Monday, August 19, 2013

How to describe an object/tool/thing?.

Let say you got a topic' handphone', how you going to write about it?. You just practise writing  'A television'.

It's very simple, You already practised 'A television'. When you get a different topic like A handphone or A computer, or A book....... Just change the physical characteristic of it, and mostly are remain the same!!

Please remember that ; The thesis sentence should convey your overall impression of your subject. Does it make you happy? Is it attractive or ugly? Is your object useful?Each topic sentence should introduce a new part or stage of your chosen topic.

Read the paragraph below,..... then guess the topic, It describe an object, 

what that object?

My article of clothing is with me at all times.   It consists of a 3cm circular base and two separate straps, each 6cm long connected by a metal clasp.   These two straps and a clasp are then connected to the top and bottom of the base.   The straps are outlined in hard rigid silver, looking as my uncle's smoothly brushed gray hair.   Through the center of the 2cm
wide straps is a 1cm in width gold strip.   The gold looks as bright as a gold chalice from my local church.   The clasp is a hard silvery gray such as that which borders the straps.   The letters 'SEIKO' are clearly placed on the clasp in raised lettering.   The clasp looks 3cm long when in the closed position, but when opened it extends to 11cm as two more 4cm metal
pieces open outward.

    The face of the object is encircled with a gold color, gold as the trim on my father's Cadillac.   Inside the gold trim, the background is a black color.   The black is like the black rubber on my car's Cooper tires. Towards the top of this face, there is a number 12, the bottom has a number
6, and the leftmost number has a number 9.   Each of these numbers are raised in lettering in a gold color.   On the rightmost side, there is a 1/2cm x 1/5cm sized box.   This box is then further separated in two parts. 2/3s of the box is devoted towards showing the current day's first 3
letters, now showing a THU for Thursday.   The remaining space of the box is set aside for the date of the month.   In this box the number 14 is shown. Both, the day and the date, are in white colors.   This white is like a white hospital gown, starched and cleaned.   The face of the object has 56 small lines all facing from the outside of the circle towards the middle. These gold lines are equally separated all aro the face of the object.

.............................................Is that a watch? ...............................................


Introduction = General idea about television

In your body - 
Parag 1 = physical appearance of the tool or object - size, height, weight, colour, price, where to get/buy?, who use it?, etc....
Parag 2 = special appearance - what is the special details about it?, Why do people like it? What is advantage of TV?..Give two reason with details.......
For example ; The use or advantages of television are sharing information, learning tool,...... explain in details about these two use of Television
Parag 3 = Another two advantages of TV and explain in details with example
Parag 4 = Tell the reader about the disadvantages of Television - at least you have 3 disadvantages and explain briefly

Conclusion = Sum up ideas in the body, or suggestion or comment

Take a pen and paper, try write an essay about A TELEVISION

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