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Sunday, November 17, 2013


Fuji Volcano & Niagara Fall

Switzerland,.. Very beautiful the creation of GOD..

I sharing these pictures from my Google's friends,..... How to say, it is very incredible, so amazing,. The Only One GOD has created the sky and the earth and all within those two without any complaint. Thank ALLAH TAALA for HIS beautiful pictures of world...



Pantai Sri Tujoh is one of the beautiful beaches in Kelantan, 7 km from small town,Tumpat, suit for your holiday with friends or family.

A map to reach the beach can be viewed here;  https://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=Pantai+Seri+Tujuh&fb=1&hq=SERI+TUJUH+TUMPAT+KELANTAN&cid=0,0,18037586176422271894&ei=Km6IUpv6M8r-rAfMq4HgDQ&ved=0CM8BEPwSMA8


Children can swim near the bank......

Strolling along the beach can relax your mind.....

So pity,. what that on the sand? How to attract tourists? Think!!

Where is the sea?.....

There is the seashore, feel fresh in the windy weather stand near the beach like that......

A chalet on the water?.... Can try........

The wave lapping onto the seashore.......

Who's this?.. OMO....With her cute cat....

Si Comel who is scarce with the sound of waves.....

My son and his friends on way to play with the water......

What is this?... SIPUT SEDUT... Kelantanese like this SIPUT....

Abang and his friend are playing futsal on the beach.....

Check in,.... SENANGIN RESORT. A very budget choice. Actually there are many other choices like SAUJANA RESORT, SRI TUJOH RESORT ...

Very simple,...rm100 per night,... its okay lah.... 

Swimming pool in Senangin Resort,......

No friend to swim,.... ;)

 Let's eat 'Goreng-goreng' before going to the beach, said my friend.

My friend who wants to release tension after work,.and my daughter who like Goreng-goreng.....

Welcome to Sri Tujoh Beach.........................

Saturday, November 16, 2013


A day at DPB Library in Kota Bharu,.... with my daughter who likes to read, she's searching for her favourite book...... 

Some notes about English and literature in the classroom found in one of the books, ... may useful for our assignment, at least to get an idea about the topic....

Several books related to English and literature teaching in the classroom are;

       1.   Jon Roberts(1998). Language Teacher Education, Centre for Applied Language Studies, University of Reading, St. Martin's Press,Inc. New York.

     2.   Ronald Carter and John McRae (1996). Language, Literature & The Learner. Addison Wesley Longman Limited 1996, United Kingdom.

     3.  John D Ramage & John Bean (1997). The Allyn and Bacon, Guide to writing, second edition. Pearson Education Company, New York.

       4.    Raman Selden (1989). Teori kesusasteraan sezaman. Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur.

       5.    X.J. Kennedy, Dana Gioia & Mark Bauerlein (2005). Handbook of Literary Terms. Pearson Education Inc. New York.   

Especially for; Kak Norezzah, I wish you GOOD LUCK!!

Learn to write an essay; My Neighbour

Topic ; My neighbour

Neighbour is someone live housebound at my house.My neighbour’s name is Lee Choi , he so

kind man.My neighbour’s job is doctor,he is Chinese man.I like visit he because he serve me a

sunquick .He’s hometown at Sungai Petani,Kedah.

He’s work at Hospital Kubang Kerian,he can treat patients with better.He’s child school at the

SK Demit (2) he’s child name is Kang Hwi and he so smart boy.When I get a new neighbor,I will so happy

and proud because to be a new neighbour.When neighbour visit my house I feel so proud with he and

invite he come again any time.

We invited from Mr.Lee Choi when he hold a banquet dinner with his family.He go to the

workplace with his car,the car Mr.Lee Choi is so beautiful and shiny car.when Mr.Lee Choi have a

problem such as steal,I and with other neighbours will help he’s family and call the police to catch the

thief and bring to the police station.

I will so happy when get a new neighbour and it is easy to ask for help.My colour neighbour

house is brown and inside is yellow and it is so beautiful house.I point the Malays because it makes it

easier for us to understand all what is happening in our neighbourhood.If a neighbour in trouble we can

help them,and if we are in distress they will also help us that need some neighbours for mutual


By; Nursyazwani, PMR 2013.


Neighbour is someone who lives in which his or her house is housebounding to my house.My neighbour’s name is Lee Choi , he is so kind man.My neighbour’s job is a doctor,he is a Chinese man.I like to visit him because he serves me a sunquick .His hometown is at Sungai Petani,Kedah.

He works at Hospital Kubang Kerian,he can treat patients with better.His child schooling at the  SK Demit

(2),  his child name is Kang Hwi and he so smart boy.When I get a new neighbor,I am so happy  and proud

because to be a new neighbour.When neighbour visit my house, I feel so proud with him and invite him

come again any time.

We invited from Mr.Lee Choi when he hold a banquet dinner with his family.He go to the 

workplace with his car,Mr.Lee Choi is so beautiful and shiny car./ with his shiny and beauticul car

When Mr.Lee Choi have a problem such as stealing,I and with other neighbours will help his family and call 

the police to catch the thief and bring to the police station. ( Blurr, don't understand the point discussed)

I am so happy to have a new neighbour and it is easy to ask for help.My colour neighbour 

house is brown His house painted with brown and yellow. It is so beautiful! I point the Malays because it

makes it easier for us to understand all what is happening in our neighbourhood.If a neighbour in trouble we 

can help them,and if we are in distress they will also help us that need some neighbours for mutual 

assistance. ( Should arrange the points going to be discussed before writing the essay, should be organized paragraph, grammar & vocabulary review!)


Try again, say NO to failure!!

Signature/ 16.Nov.2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Mula-mula x faham apa maksud web check-in, ingatkan itinerary itu hari dah cukup,.. rupanya BOARDING PASS INI LAH SANGAT PENTING

Pergi ke web http://airasia.com - Login masuk -  pergi ke MANAGE BOOKING - Tengok booking kita, kalau xda, click kat VIEW OTHER BOOKING - 

Keluarlah kita punya booking tu...... click pada LINK,..

Click pada CHECK-IN kat hujung kanan booking kita tu.......

Kemudian PRINT..... Hanya boleh buat dalam masa 2 WEEKS BEFORE DEPARTURE DATE..

 The boarding pass....


Kemudian, PRINT pulak EMEL HTTP://BOOKING.COM, Hotel yang kita akan stay masa di sana nanti,.. siap dengan peta subway and direction...

Seterusnya, cari juga COUPON AND VOUCHERS jadi dapat jimat kan budget nanti,... PRINT dan simpan dalam bag siap-siap,....Banyak coupon ni dalam KTO website http://korea tourism ,.. kena rajin selongkar web mereka,..
Ada coupon murah sikit,.contoh kalau nak masuk EVERLAND kena bayar 44,000 won jadi 33,000 won saja,... jimat dah disitu..... ini lah adventure backpacker yang tak ikut group,..semua kena cari and study sendiri.................

Email from Booking.com & EVERLAND Coupon

Kemudian, bila kita decide nak going there alone,..we have to have our own journal,... Dalam jurnal tu, memang INSYA ALLAH complete start dari KLIA - BALIK SEMULA KE KLIA step by step,. day by day, hour by hour timetable and schedule,... 

Buat jadual hari apa nak pergi mana,..study semua blog traveller yang ada,. Buat map,. tempat makan dimana, tempat sembahyang dimana, subway map kemana kita nak pergi, nak beli ini dimana, nak pergi kesitu macamana,... SEMUA DETAILS ditulis dalam jurnal,......

My journal is like my travel guide.....

Berangan nak cari ikan bakar di Dongdaemun lah ni, x tahu lah jumpa ke tidak nanti,..tawakkal...

Di belakang jurnal, tulis INFORMASI yang PENTING, MACAM KEDUTAAN KITA KAT SANA, POLIS,KECEMASAN...... as preparation....



TRAVEL TO Seoul PART 2 - passport & money

Maklum lah first time nak jadi backpacker, pengembara solo travel,.so, memang solo lah kelam-kabutnya,.. buat passport paling annoying lah,.. pukul 830 pagi ambil nombor proses pertama, pukul 145 petang baharu lah nampak pasSportnya,.. orang ramai gila, semua gila nak travel kot!!.. HECTIC DAY for me as I tired waiting for a long queue in the office,... huhu,... with lots of people and lots of noisy here and there, at last, I just sit on the stair outside the havoc office,......

Yang pertama penting; PASSPORT


ATAS ni duit USD, bukan nak g US pun, tapi sebab duit Won habis,...Ramainya orang kelantan nak pergi Korea!!

Ini jer sebahagian duit won yang dapat aku miliki,.... berebut lah di kaunter,... money changer untuk tukar duit ni di Kota bharu adalah office kecil saja di sebelah Pantai Timur Kota Bharu tu,.dekat pasar Siti khadijah tu.....Selain disitu, di dalam airport pengkalan chepa pun ada,..... tapi duit won cepat habis,kena cepat-cepat......

Kena lah pandai budget kerana pergi solo,.. semua kena di budget!!!


Monday, November 11, 2013


The sacre place ,.. if you have been there, you will say ' I'm speechless'.  The best in life is being there with the willing and the blessing of ALLAH TAALA THE ONLY ONE GOD, even we are sinner and useless, but, ALLAH TAALA serves us the best according to our intention going there........




모든 인간에 대한 이슬람 전능하신 하나님

알라 외에는 신이 가 없습니다. 정액의드롭 사람을 창조 전능하신 하나님 ,어머니 라힘 하는 동안에는 고기 , 고장 성령 의 거룩한 마지막 조각 을 재배 합니다.

알라 외에는 신이 없다,마음이 항상 좋은 자연과 매우 풍부한 그분의 종 입니다 . 주님은 인종 과 연령 ,개 갈증 또한 훌륭한 주님과 음주를 공급할 남성과 여성 , 부 인간 의 모든 계층 을 제공 합니다 . 하나님 께 찬양 .

알라 외에는 신이 ,아주 그분의 종 에게 죄를 용서 는 없다. ALL 중독성 주류 , 도박 , SIN 은 회피 를 제외하고 , 용서 애정 , 하나님 죽여 음주 , 악, 간음 을 하는 사람들 .

이 지구에 짓 눌린 , MAN 죽은 다음, 우리 모두가 NO 를 도울 수있는 다음 큰 알라 에 수집 , 우리는 REAL , 아들과 아내 , 우리는 PURE 알라 만 PRIVATE 아니었다 것 도 아닙니다 .. 우리가 정말 애정과 용서를 가질 ..


삶의 의미가 무엇입니까?
사람들은 이런 질문에 지루하게 생각합니다. 무덤덤하게 생각합니다. 왜 그런걸 생각해야하냐고 합니다. 돈벌기 바쁜세상에 그런 생각할 틈이 어딨냐고 말합니다. 그렇다면 우리들의 삶은 아무런 의미가 없는것입니까?
제가 초등학교때 혼자 집바깥에서 처마를 바라보며 생각했습니다. 여기 아무도 없지만 내가 살아가는것이 녹화되듯 기록되는것은 아닐까? 그럼 내가 어떻게 살아야하는것일까? 내가 무엇을 해야하는것일까. 간단한 일에도 뭔가 옳게 해야하는것이 없을까? 그리고 고등학교가 되서 생각했습니다. 나는 지금 뭘 하는것지? 도대체 어떻게 살아야하는지는 언제 가르쳐주는것지? 그어떤 선생님도 알려주지 않는 누가 인생의 정답을 누가 알려주는것이지? 그냥 아무런 이유도 모른채 무조건 미친듯이 공부해서 내던져져야만 하는것인지. 그리고 졸업했습니다. 저는 여전히 아무 인생의 이유를 찾지못했습니다. 어릴때부터 다니던 교회를 나갔지만 목사들의 하는말과 성경이 하는말고 예수의 하는말 그리고 교회의 교리. 무엇하나 일치하는것이 없었습니다. 도대체 이 많은 종파중에 어떤 종파가 진리이지? 내가 무슨 종교를 믿어야하지? 누구를 숭배해야하지? 무얼 위해 살아야하지? 도대체 인생은 어떻게 살아야하지? 누구하나 모범을 보이지못하고 해답을 보이지못했습니다. 그리고 기도했습니다. 신이 있기는 있나요? 예수가 신인가요? 목사가 신인가요? 돈이 신인가요? 내가 뭘해야하나요? 내가 왜 살아야하나요? 신이 있다면 나를 진리로 인도해주십시오. 내게 전도하는 사람마다 반갑게 환영하며 이야기를 나눴습니다. 당신이 전하는 진리가 무엇입니까? 그리고 당신이 주장하는것이 사실이라면 왜 살아야하는겁니까? 예수믿고 구원받는다는데. 믿는다는것이 정의가 뭡니까? 어떻게 믿습니까? 상관없다고요? 서울, 안산, 청주, 부산 모든곳을 다녀보아도 정답을 찾지못했습니다. 무엇하나 일치되는것. 혹은 영원히 지켜지는것은 없었습니다. 찾으면 찾을수록 공부하면할수록 부조리와 모순만 드러났습니다. 지쳤습니다. 울 힘도 없었습니다. 그냥 엎드렸습니다. 절하듯 그냥 바닥에 고꾸라졌습니다. 신이있기는 있습니까. 내가 살아야할 이유가 있기는 있습니까? 도서관에서 무적정 읽은 종교에 대한 책. 그리고 우연히 알게됬습니다. 이슬람은 기독교 유대교와 같은 아브라함의 뿌리 종교이며. 하나님을 믿지만 예수를 숭배않하는 종교이다. 저는 몰랐습니다 이슬람이 하나님을 믿는 종교인지.. 그래서 기독교에서 종파들만 교회들만 찾아다녔습니다. 하지만 마지막으로 내가 몰랐던것. 무지했던 이슬람에대해 알아보기로 했습니다. 도서관마다 모두 찾아다니며 이슬람관련 서적을 읽었습니다. 그리고 조금씩 조금씩 알게됬습니다. 내가 무지했던.. 편견으로 가득찼던 이 종교.. 아무것도 몰랐었구나... 다시 열정이 살아났습니다. 인터넷을 뒤지고. 서울중앙성원 홈페이지에 들어가는순간 나는 한 문구를 보았고 충격에 빠졌습니다. "하나님외에 다른 신이 없다." 이것은 내가 어릴때부터 성경에서 보던 구절이었습니다. 아브라함이 믿던 하나님. 모세가 믿던 하나님. 다윗과 예수가 믿던 하나님. 그들은 모두 하나님께 기도하고 하나님을 위해 살았던 선지자들이었습니다. 내가 왜 이것을 몰랐을까... 아브라함도 모세도 누구도 성경에 예수를 숭배하라고 말한적이 없습니다. 심지어 예수도 자신을 숭배하란말을 한적없고 하나님만을 경배하며 그분의 계명을 지키라했습니다. 나는 왜 이것을 몰랐을까... 그리고 알았습니다. 그래서 하나님께서 예수다음으로 마지막으로 선지자 무함마드를 보내주셨구나... 교회들이 방황하고 성경은 원본조차 존재하지않는 이상황에 그래서 하나님께서는 이슬람을 그분의 종교로 완성하시고 꾸란을 계시하셔서 보존하셨구나.. 모든것은 분명했습니다.. 네이버에 카페를 만들고 자료를 올리며 스스로 공부하기 시작했습니다. 서울성원을 찾아가 토요 강좌도 들었습니다. 그리고 한달만에 개종을 했습니다... 알함두릴라
그리고 그날저녁 제가 인생을 살았고 방황하다 어떻게 개종했는지 글을 썼습니다.

그 이후는......... 여러분들이 보시다시피 저는 행복합니다. 진리가 저를 자유케 했습니다. 진정한 복음을 찾았습니다.. 

그것은.. "하나님은 오직 한분이라는 것입니다."
"하나님 이외에 경배받을 존재가 없다는 것입니다."

저는 마음의 평안을 찾았습니다. 행복을 찾았습니다. 이슬람은 모든것을 저에게 가르쳐 주고있습니다. 꾸란과 순나는 저에게 어떻게 살아야하는지 모든 방법을 알려주고있습니다. 그리고 천국에 이르는 방법까지도 다 알려주고있습니다...

여전히 한국사람들은 방황하고 있습니다.. 그리고 저는 잘 알고있습니다.. 그들이 어떤 상태인지.. 어떤 마음을 하고있는지.. 어떻게 살아가고 있는지.. .저 역시도 그랬기에 너무 잘 알고있습니다..

그래서 노력하고 있습니다... 내가 할수있는한 어떻게든 한국사람들을 도와줘야지... 하나님께서 나를 구원해주셨듯이.. 나도 한국사람들을 이슬람으로 초대해주어야지.... 제가 살아있는한.. 제가 할수있는한.. 최선을 다해서.. 진리를 찾는자가 있다면 언제든지 도와드릴것입니다. 인샤알라, 비이드닐라 (하나님께서 허락해주신다면.)

저는 선지자 무함마드(하나님께서 그에게 자비와 평화를 베푸시길)께서 사셨던 도시 메디나(사우디아라비아)에서 공부하고있습니다. 겨우 3년전 개종했고 공부도 잘하지못하지면 할수있는한 최대한 노력하고 인터넷으로라도 여러분들을 돕고싶습니다. 누구든 진리를 원하는 분 있다면 알려주십시오. 여러분들이 이슬람으로 입교할수있도록 도와드리겠습니다. 모든 정보를 드리겠습니다. 감사합니다.

See more at; https://www.facebook.com/abdurraouf.park

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mayat masih utuh kerana AL-QURAN

Terbaca berita bagaimana mayat-mayat masih utuh dagingnya dan berbau harum apabila pembongkaran dan peralihan kubur dilakukan di sebuah negeri,.. diamati sebabnya adalah kerana antara mereka itu, iaitu golongan ustaz yang mengajarkan Al-quran tanpa ambil upah, free of charge!. Masya ALLAH....

Apabila ku kongsikan dengan seorang sahabatku,... sahabatku ini berkata; Kita perlukan duit untuk belanja, untuk membayar sewa dan bil, bagaimana kita dapat berbuat seperti mereka. Aku terus berfikir, mungkin ya, apabila kita sudah kaya, kita ada harta ladang ternakan atau kebun atau rumah sewa, kita TIDAK PERLUKAN DUIT UPAH MENGAJAR AL-QURAN. Seperti seorang jiranku, beliau seorang yang kaya, hartanya saja tidak habis sampai ke anak cucu, ditambah dengan duit pencen lagi. JADI, BELIAU MENGAJARKAN AL-QURAN ANAK-ANAK JIRAN DENGAN PERCUMA JUGA, untungnya mereka ini.

Tapi, bagaimana dengan individu dan orang yang tiada harta, tiada wang beribu dollar, rumahnya perlu dibayar sewa bulanan, hutang keliling pinggang, gaji nya saja kecil, tidak cukup untuk membeli sebuah rumah pun. APAKAH SALAH DIA MEMINTA UPAH JIKA MENGAJARKAN AL-QURAN. GURU DATANG KERUMAH PULA, DENGAN DUIT MINYAK KENDERAAN NYA LAGI, APAKAH DIA TIDAK BOLEH MEMINTA UPAH, SIAPAKAH YANG MAHU MEMBERINYA DUIT MINYAK??

Aku punya seorang sahabat yang kerja lebih masanya adalah mengajar al-quran ke rumah orang di kawasan perumahannya. Dia memberitahu aku, Kita halalkan sedikit daripada bayaran upah kita, niatkan sedekah kerana Allah, muga itu ALLAH kira sebagai sedekah kita dengan RahmahNYA....

Aku hanya mengangguk setuju. Ya, jika kita tidak mampu seperti mereka yang mengajarkan AL-QURAN secara percuma, kita masih boleh bersedekah sedikit daripada bayaran upah kita. ALLAH MAHA TAHU SEDEKAH KITA ITU KERANANYA, DAN ALLAH MAHA ADIL, ALLAH TAHU KEBUTUHAN DAN KEMUSLIHATAN HIDUP SEHARIAN KITA... BERBAIK SANGKA LAH DENGAN ALLA TAALA......hingga lega hati kita....

“Majma’ al-Fiqh al-Islami ” [9] iaitu:

Jika tidak mengambil upah, nescaya meraka tidak akan mempunyai sumber untuk menyara kehidupan mereka. Jika perkara itu berlaku, agama Islam akan semakin dilupakan. Oleh itu, untuk menjaga kesinambungan agama Islam, para ulama Mazhab Hanafi telah membenarkan golongan ini mengambil upah. Para ulamak dari pada pelbagai mazhab juga telah mengambil pendapat ini demi menjaga kemaslahatan agama.

Ustaz Maszlee Malik mengatakan ulamak yang mengharamkan perbuatan itu kerana ia termasuk dalam amal ibadah dan tidak boleh diberikan upah. Pendapat ini disokong oleh polisi negara islam terdahulu yang menyara para pengajar al-Quran, fardu ‘ain, fardu kifayah, imam, muazzin dan sebagainya. Namun begitu, pendapat ini tidak lagi relevan apabila negara-negara Islam moden sudah tidak lagi menanggung mereka. Sumber ; Halaqah.net

Baca lagi disini ; http://soaljawab.wordpress.com/2007/05/09/hukum-mengambil-upah-mengajar-al-quran

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Strategies for Teaching Literature in the ESL Classroom

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader: Strategies for Teaching Literature in the ESL Classroom

Teaching materials: using literature in the EFL/ ESL classroom | Onestopenglish

Teaching materials: using literature in the EFL/ ESL classroom | Onestopenglish


Literature is like a branch of English Language, it is very interesting to be explored. Literature resembles cultural diversity and belief of one society, which can be understand by deep study about all topics in literature. It has moral values and emotional involvement through its reading, and its discovery.

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea
   In a beautiful pea-green boat:
They took some honey, and plenty of money
   Wrapped up in a five-pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
   And sang to a small guitar,
"O lovely Pussy, O Pussy, my love,
   What a beautiful Pussy you are,
      You are,
      You are!
   What a beautiful Pussy you are!"
Pussy said to the Owl, "You elegant fowl,
   How charmingly sweet you sing!
Oh! let us be married; too long we have tarried:
   But what shall we do for a ring?"
They sailed away, for a year and a day,
   To the land where the bong-tree grows;
And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood,
   With a ring at the end of his nose,
      His nose,
      His nose,
   With a ring at the end of his nose.

"Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling
   Your ring?" Said the Piggy, "I will."
So they took it away, and were married next day
   By the Turkey who lives on the hill.
They dined on mince and slices of quince,
   Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand on the edge of the sand
   They danced by the light of the moon,
      The moon,
      The moon,
   They danced by the light of the moon.

Example of story parent read for their children before bed......

For more details about learning LITERATURE, we can go to;


Keyakinan kepada Allah adalah ibarat air kedamaian yang tak pernah kering menjadikan seorang muslim tetap tegar disaat orang lain berguguran dan tetap tenang disaat orang lain ketakutan.. biar rebah,jangan berubah biar terbuang,terus berjuang.. ujian adalah tarbiah dari Allah, semakin dekat bahtera kita kepada-Nya, semakin hebat taufan melanda....

Kadang-kadang kita berdoa utk kuat tapi kenapa byk dugaan,
kadang-kadang kita minta cerdik tp masalah pula yang timbul,
kadang-kadang kita minta bahagia tapi hura-hara pula dtg...
Dugaan menjadikan mental kita kuat,
masalah menjadikan kita berfikir,
huru-hara menjadikan kita tabah...
Hebat kan Allah...semua ada hikmah...

Kalaulah manusia tahu hadis ini:
"Telah berkata Jibril: Wahai Tuhan, kau sampaikanlah hajat hambamu, maka Allah menjawab: Biarkan hambaku itu, kerana aku mencintai suaranya(doanya) -Diriwayatkan oleh Anas bin Malik

Renung2kanlah... Ya Allah... hanya pada Mu tempat ku mengadu & memohon, kurniakanlah kepada ku ketenangan hati & perkhabaran gembira... Aamiin

Tuhan yg satu, hanya Allah, takut pula apa yg akan dipertanggung-jawabkan kpd kita di akhirat kelak, dihari pembalasan, apa yg kita bawa apa yg kita telah persiapkan, "MALIKIYAU'UMIDDIN" yang mengusai/menjadi raja/hakim dihari pembalasan, apa yg kita bawa ? harta benda dunia ? cerita fitnah ? pangkat mahkota ? apa mampu utk kita berdusta lagi dihadapan Allah-Subahanahuwata'ala, tentu tidak ! layu tunduk malu !

4 hal yang menghilangkan kesegaran dan kejernihan wajah :
*Berbohong,tidak tahu malu,terlalu sering bertanya yang tidak perlu,melakukan maksiat 

4 hal yang membuatkan wajah segar :
*menjaga harga diri,menepati janji,pemurah dan takwa

4 hal yang membahayakan kemampuan otak :
*ketagihan makan makanan yang masam2,tidur terlentang,resah dan susah hati

4hal yang menambah daya faham :
*hati yang bersih,tidak makan dan minum berlebihan,mengatur makan dgn baik,membuang semua sedapan makanan yang memudaratkan kesihatan

Sebaik2 pendamping adalah ALLAH~
~Sebaik2 kekasih adalah ALLAH~
~Sebaik2 yang memberi petunjuk dan nasihat adalah ALLAH~
~Sebaik2 teman dan sahabat adalah ALLAH~
~Sebaik2 yang memahami dan melindungi adalah ALLAH~
~Dan padaNya curahan dan kembalinya segala sesuatu~
~Sungguh..seluruh jiwa itu adalah milik ALLAH SWT~

# Kata-kata indah perkongsian daripada seorang sahabat Facebook yang dihormati...jadi motivasi suntikan semangat untuk ku, untuk kita....


Beg tangan daripada Australia kenangan daripada seorang kakak,.. masa tu dia sambung belajar pHD nya di negara Kanggaru tu,..balik tu dia belikan aku hadiah beg tangan ni,...

Aku letak sini supaya jadi kenangan buat aku sendiri,.... semalam talinya putus pulak,... Dah 2 tahun aku pakai,padan lah kalau putus kot,....

Nilai pemberian orang sangat berharga,.. Apa kita rasa kalau kita bagi tapi orang tak endah kan jer,..sedih kan.

Muhasabah diri,... Bagaimana Islam meletakkan pemberian sebagai tanda silaturrahim,..hargai pemberian orang, dan selalu lah kita pun jadi orang yang suka memberi,... terutama beri sedekah,.....




a. Ketam 2 ekor
b. 2 biji buah pelaga
c. Kayu manis sepanjang jari kelingking
d. Sekuntum bunga lawang
e. Bawang putih 5 biji ditumbuk
f. Halia sebesar ibu jari diketuk
g. Serbuk lada hitam/lada putih
h. 3 cawan air
i. Garam secukup rasa
j. Minyak untuk menumis
k. Bawang goreng, daun sup dan daun bawang

# Not a crab you find in the sea/ seashore okay,... please choose a crab which living in the river, what we called as KETAM NIPAH...

This is KETAM NIPAH.....