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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


There are several principles should be considered before preparing materials for our teaching session in the classroom as below;

Book ; Jon Roberts (1998). Language Teacher Education. Centre for Applied Language Studies, University of Reading, New York.

ABBM or ACTIVITIES suit the level of students awareness and understanding;

1.   To create teamwork spirit  = Group discussion, game and quiz
2.   To know students' general knowledge  = Questionnaires
3.   To develop the element of recognition  = Role play, Video observation, Simulation, Paired observation

Why AMMB and materials are important?. At least 5 minutes in our induction set or 15 minutes activities during our teaching development - is to attract students' mood at the beginning of the lesson till they focus on our lesson and fully prepared.
Next, it need to build students' language and grammar skills with some fun as well as encourage them to be confident and brave actively participate in class' activities during our lesson.

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