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Monday, September 2, 2013

Human beings are equal in ISLAM RELIGION

One's life and the story definitely has its own test. God is just, do not let the poor consider his life a misery, and do not let the rich comfortable with wealth without being tested, avoiding the ones that Allah does not love anymore.
Test the poor certainly feeling restless, restlessness, frustrated that poor life. Figure out why he is not rich like everyone else, why he no big house like the rich, why did he not have a luxury car like a rich man, his home ill and poor with hole everywhere. They tested with little money, no fancy food, bad clothing and cheap, and others.

Rich people tested in another way, the big house, expensive cars, high grade, advanced business, money millions of dollars, however, only the blink of an eye, may be destroyed due to flood his home, his house could catch fire, a thief entered his house, luxury car involved in an accident , his property seized or damaged, the family is not happy, ...


Indeed, human beings are equal in the sight of Almighty God, whether rich or poor, man is no difference, distinguishing between people in front of the Almighty God is faith and devotion. GOD looked into our heart, what is intended by the heart, faith and sincere devotion to God alone, not for the sake of mankind.

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