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Sunday, September 1, 2013




The following 15 items are less well known miracles of the Kaaba structure in terms of science :

1 . Mecca is the most stable of gravity .

2 . High gravitational pressure , and that is where decentralized constructive sounds that can not be heard by the ear .

3 . high gravitational pressure directly affects the body's immune system to act as a defense against the disease.

4 . high gravity = electron negative ions that accumulate high there

5 . What is intended is an echo in the hearts that can not be heard but can be detected frequency. The influence of the electron causes high dalaman.kembali strength , dedicated to performing acts of worship , there is no desperate nature , want to live , surrender of oneself to God .

6 . Radio waves can not locate the Kaaba.

7 . Even satellite technology can not even an observatory that is in the Kaaba . Radio frequency is not possible to read anything that is in the House because of high gravitational pressure .

8 . The most high gravitational pressure , have salt content and flow of underground streams that much. That is why if the Mosque to pray even in the open without a roof still feel cold .

9 . The sacred place is not just a black square building but a magical place because there centralization of energy , gravity , magnetism zone zero and the most blessed place .

10 . Position overlooking the Kaaba sleep automatically be aroused midbrain very active to the spine and produce blood cells .

11 . Movement around the Kaaba anticlockwise gives natural life force of the universe . everything in the universe move in counterclockwise God intended it to death so .

12 . Blood circulation or anything in the human body according to counter-clockwise . Hence the counter-clockwise around the Kaaba in accordance with , meaning the blood circulation in the body increases and certainly will add energy . That is why people who are in Mecca always energetic , healthy and long life.

13 . While the number seven is symbolic of the infinite abundance . The seven digit limited or no means too much . By doing seven times round we actually get an unlimited amount of worship .

14 . Prohibition of wearing a hat , headgear or cover your head and body hair because the hair ( men ) is like an antenna to receive a good wave emitted directly from Temple. They make it after performing hajj was reborn as a human being because of all the bad new was pulled out and replaced with a new nur or light .

15 . After completion of all the then shaving or tahalul . The aim is to get away from the taboo on pilgrimage . But the secret behind it is to clean up our antennas or receptors of all impurities so that only the wave of good will only be accepted by the body .

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