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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Knowledge is better than wealth because:
- Knowledge is the heritage of the Prophets , and the property is heritage Qarun and Pharaoh.
- Knowledge protect and preserve the master, while the property , the master must take care of.
People who have knowledge , a lot of friends , and people who have a lot of enemy property .
- Knowledge that if taught will increase, while if the property was incurred will be reduced.
- People who are knowledgeable are called by the name of greatness and glory , while the rich are called, with insults and stinginess .
- Knowledge is not to be taken care of the thieves , and the property also need to be protected from theft.
- knowledge can intercede to master. Knowledgeable people can intercede for others , while the rich , will be called to account on the Day of Judgment.
- Knowledge is permanent , while the property will run out and will not be permanent .
- Knowledge can reveal the heart, and will harden the hearts of the property .
People who claim knowledge of servitude ( humble nature ) , while the poor fellow who claimed divinity .

Imam Al - Ghazali said :
العلم بلا عمل جنون * والعمل بلا علم لا يكون
 It means:
"Knowledge without deeds is crazy , while charity without knowledge is useless . "



1 . Love of God
2 . Sincere deeds purely for Allah's sake .
3 . Fear and hope to God Almighty.
4 . Grateful when given favors.
5 . Be patient when given the blessings .
6 . Looking at the strength and guidance from God when able to do worship and obedience .
7 . Always remember remembrance of Allah and repent always seek forgiveness from Allah SWT.
8 . Do not give up, always hoping for the mercy of God.
9 . Do all the commandments of God and leave all evil .

10 . Believe with full confidence qadha 'and Qadar of Allah, because whatever happens there is wisdom behind the unknown.

Manners with Teachers in school

1 . Obedience to teachers in all things except sin matters to Allah and His Messenger .
2 . Speak with gentle and simple and full of humility.
3 . Asked permission to ask or leave the ceremony .
4 . Salute when meeting and always respect them .
5 . Give full attention of the teacher , sit politely and always calm.
6 . Do what is most liked by the teacher.
7 . Refrain from offensive to them .
8 . Forgiveness and pray for their well-being .
9 . Always visit them or visit their tombs after their death .
10 . Taking their blessing , their prayers , container or excess water or their food . Similarly, where they teach or those who are familiar with them .

Manners With Parents

1 . Obedience to them unless forbidden by the Shari'ah.
2 . Doing the work is pleasing to them , even if they do not crease .
3 . Speak with them with the utmost decorum.
4 . Immediately answer their call .
5 . Glorify them and provide what is required by them ( according to ability) .
6 . Pray and ask forgiveness for them .
7 .  Kiss them in the morning and evening or reasonable times .
8 . Always visit their graves after they pass away, give them SODAQOH like verses the Qur'an, prayers and so on .
9 . Seek and pray for her well-being in the world and in the hereafter.
10 . Discuss any problems with them and do not hide anything from them

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