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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This loving and real couple seems can not hide their relationship anymore,.. Ji hyo eyes preciously very sweet looking at her lover, her pride future husband,Kang Gary,..... We can understand from this picture,....

Remember episode 16 Running man when Song Joongki kissed Ji hyo, Kang Gary became jealous and uneasy,.... that just a starting point of their relationship.....

But, today, on episode 163 Kang Gary comes towards Ji hyo, and kissed her cheek,..... He will not do that if they are not in love for real,......And, Ji hyo will not let Gary kissed her if She does not like him,.. so sweet!! Gary is a loyal man towards his lover,Ji hyo is a very lucky woman ever!!

Photo: Kang Gary kiss Ji Hyo's cheek.
MC Jjang!

Again Gary want to kiss her?... Hehe, so romantic,... They alwaz do that until it becomes a habit??  OMO, Please get married soon!!!

Gary is very loving man, This is not the first time he feeds Ji hyo,... alwaz!!

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